Introducing Nestor

Nestor is your solution to managing your business operations and workflow.  As a highly customized solution, Nestor helps organizations to increase efficiency, reduce cost, increase volume, and mostly to stay ahead of the competitions.

What does your business need? Faster transaction? Integrated workflow? Database integrity? Nestor is here to help. It is scalable to any size of enterprises ranging from small boutique shops to global and complex corporations.


Flexible and Expandable

Nestor can help all aspects of your business operations. There is no situation where Nestor cannot fit, and it can be tailored to address an enterprise's very specific demands.  It is an end-to-end solution to your business needs.


The Business Solution for You

The solution can be easily configured to meet the scope, budget, and complexity of the organization. It is purpose-built, not one-size-fits-all.


Business Operations

Nestor can help manage various business operations.

Intuitive and Easy to Use

Nestor is designed to provide the most intuitive interaction with users of various computing experience.

Integrated Business Operation Management Sciences

Nestor is not just about the software -- it is also about the process, the methodology, as well as the science behind business operation management that make the difference. Our team can help shape your team and business operations to achieve


Enterprise transformation
Process re-engineering
Business conceptualization
Business process management
Business systems implementation

Decision Analytics

Business intelligence
Decision support systems
Economic analysis and modeling
KPI and metrics development
Financial analysis
Yield management

Software Engineering

Software development
Enterprise architecture design
Software implementation
Hardware integration
Networking and communication